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Coffee and Friends are the Perfect Blend!

Which is why we LOVE having Fireside Coffee to share with you!

Small Batch Craft Coffee & Handcrafted Drink Mixes from Swartz Creek, Michigan.

Fireside Coffee roasts their coffee in small batches, and hand-craft their cocoa and mocha mixes to ensure quality, consistency and happiness in every cup.

Founded in 1988, Fireside began with hand-crafted mocha mixes. Their founder, Carol Davis, began selling her mocha mixes at local events. Soon, stores started approaching her and asking to carry her products in their stores. The business that started in her kitchen quickly outgrew that space and she moved it into the 2 brick buildings where they are now. Up until recently they focused on wholesale business and the location was not "open to the public". But in 2016 they realized that they wanted to create space for their local community, so they converted part of their buildings into the "coffee shop with a weird location".

"Experience the Craft Coffee Difference"-Fireside

Making Fireside a Holiday Gift? Include an Up North Mug!

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