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Sweet Home Comforts is My Way of Sharing the Best of the Best with Others!

I started with a small vision, not having a clue what it would eventually lead to!

In May of 2013, the idea for handmade beeswax candles began to grow in response to my love of wonderful, clean burning candles.

As I began to research different types of wax and learn the qualities of various kinds such as beeswax, bayberry, soy, palm, coconut and apricot, I experimented with many variations.

Sweet Home Comforts is my way of sharing the best of the best with others. We have even made custom fragrance blends for special customer requests!

We continue to search out new and exciting ways to create the best organic candle and home fragrance experience on the market. Not to mention, we also have a line of all-natural lip balms, cuticle butters, soaps, & healing cream!

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