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We Love Dee's Stained Glass!

"My 35-year love affair with stained glass started out as a dare of sorts."

Handmade Stained Glass
One of Dee's beautiful Glass pieces!

"Our small church needed some color. One of our members was an accomplished glass artist. She dared the ladies of the church to take up a class in stained glass and do something to brighten up our windows.

I took the dare. I almost quit before I started as the process is long and expensive., with many tedious steps. We started out with a small 8 x 10 panel, upon completion I wasn't too impressed, until we placed it in the window. The colors and textures danced in the sunlight and came alive! I was hopelessly hooked.

Handmade Wind Chime!
Handmade Wind Chime!

I have taken my love of stained glass and turned it into a full time job where I especially love making three-dimensional pieces. I have had a successful shop on Etsy for seven years, with no plan of retiring any time soon!"


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